19 MW YLW thermal fluid heater in Vietnam


Project boiler medium : HMO (Heat Medium Oil)

Capacity : 19 tph

Location : Vietnam

Equipment : 2 sets of YLW-19000MA

Case introduction

Gain Lucky (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. is located in Vietnam. Main business of this company is dyeing and finishing of garments, drying, table pressing and stereotyping etc. Gain Lucky (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. analyzed the YLW boiler manufacturers in the market. After querying the current market, Gain Lucky found that the cost performance of ZOZEN boiler is the highest. Therefore, Gain Lucky purchased two sets of YLW-19000MA from ZOZEN boiler. ZOZEN boiler selected professional and qualified staff to ensure the quality of this project. During the construction process, ZOZEN boiler always accepted supervision and guidance from Gain Lucky.