Industrial 1 Ton Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler WNS1-1.0-Y(Q)

Industrial 1 Ton Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler WNS1-1.0-Y(Q)

Structure : Fire Tube

Condition : New

Usage : Industrial

Advantages :ASME S and U

Pressure :Low Pressure

Available industrie :Nature gas, coke oven gas, biogas, methanol,Oil Gas etc

Available fuel :Heat suppling, chemical, food,pharmacy, building materials,Oil Gas

Case introduction

Custom-made Oil/Gas Fired Hot Thermal Oil Boiler product features

Industrial Gas heat transfer oil boilers are fueled by natural gas or coal gas.

Industrial Heat transfer oil boiler, the official name is hot oil furnace. It is a new type of thermal energy equipment that uses oil, natural gas, gas, etc. as fuel and heat transfer oil as circulating medium. The heat transfer oil furnace refers to the new thermal energy of high temperature heat transfer oil (also called hot coal body, heat carrier). Conversion equipment, usually also uses "MW" (megawatts) to indicate the capacity of the furnace, the old unit also uses "10,000 kW / hr" or "10,000 kcal / hour", that is, "104kcal / h", the advantages of the thermal oil furnace It is widely used in "high temperature and low pressure" and stable operation.

The industrial heat transfer oil is a heat carrier. The circulating oil pump is used to force the liquid phase to circulate. Transfer heat to the heating equipment. It then returns to the reheated DC special industrial furnace. Widely used in such as petrochemicals. Textile. printing and dyeing. plastic. rubber. food processing. timber processing. Asphalt heating. Carton production. Dehydrated vegetables. Baking paint. Casting sand mold drying, etc., can also be used for ≤ 350oC baking, steaming, shaping, melting, drying.