Competitive price 2 ton biomass wood fired hot water boiler

Structure : Fire Tube

Condition : New

Usage : Industrial

Advantages :ASME S and U

Pressure :1.0-2.5MPa

Available industrie :Heating, chemical, food, tobacco, textile

Available fuel :coal, biomass pellet,wood chips,rice husk, briquet

Case introduction

1. Widely adapt to various fuels, including biomass particles, sawdust, corn cores, sawdust and so on...
2.Save your money and time by customizing and designing the feed system, slag disposal system, flue gas treatment system and boiler room layout.
3. Increase the thermal efficiency by 5 % to 15 % compared to other boilers, and the boiler that saves 10 tons of fuel cost per year is as high as 70,000 US dollars;
4.Easy to feed and discharge, high degree of automation, requiring less involvement of operation and maintenance personnel;
5.Secure by advanced interlocking control system.

In recent years, the Chinese government and relevant departments have attached great importance to the utilization of biomass energy. They have successively listed the research and application of biomass energy utilization technology as a key scientific and technological research project in four five-year plans, and carried out biomass energy utilization technology. Research and development, such as firewood forest, biomass briquetting, biomass fuel, gasification and gasification power generation, have achieved many results.