1.25Mpa Price commercial water tube steam water boilers made in China

SZL series coal-fired hot water boiler

Structure : Water Tube

Condition : New

Usage : Industrial

Name : SZL series coal-fired hot water boiler

Feature :Low Operating Cost

Available industrie :Heating, hotels, schools, hospitals

Available fuel :Bituminous coal, lean coal, anthracite

Case introduction

Vertical coal-fired steam boilers are mainly composed of shells, furnace shells, furnace tops, lower sealing rings, sky tubes, and crosses. The combustion chamber is set up in the furnace and the fuel is burned on a fixed grate for natural ventilation. The flue gas is washed horizontally in the furnace and discharged into the atmosphere through the sky pipe and chimney.

The horizontal coal-fired steam boiler adopts a single barrel longitudinal three-round water pipe structure, and water-cooled wall pipes are densely arranged on both sides of the furnace body. The design is reasonably compact, the heating area is large, the flue gas flow is long, the heat transfer effect is good, and the exhaust temperature is low, so the heat efficiency is high, the operating cost is low, and the use is more economical.

For vertical coal-fired steam boilers, the pipes in the heating area are straight pipes. There are enough hand hole cleaning devices for manual mechanical cleaning of dirt and internal inspection. The horizontal coal-fired steam boiler has a large enough hole in the upper part. Personnel can enter the furnace from the hole, which greatly facilitates the inspection and maintenance of the boiler.