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Industry Fuel Paddy Wood Sawdust Fired Steam Boiler 6 t/h

DZL series packaging Fired Steam boiler is a horizontal three-way water and fire boiler with a chain grille structure. Thread fire pipes are arranged in the cylinder to form a convective heating surface, while the water walls on the cylinder and both sides form a radiation heating surface in the furnace. Each package system is fully installed and connected before being shipped to the site and is electrically controlled to provide functions such as stepless speed regulation for the memory, threshold parameter alarms, and interlock protection.

Technical advantages

Unique structural design

Disturbing flue gas to ensure complete combustion of volatile substances. 
Air volume accounts for about 30 % of the total, wind speed 50m3. 

Independent auxiliary fan, easy to control and adjust wind volume and pressure. 

The high-temperature smoke generated by combustion first enters the astrological flue on both sides of the body from the tail(in this case, the boiler is a water pipe type), and the flue gas flows outside the pipe. 

The flue gas cooled by the astrological flue enters the threaded tube in the drum(in this case, the fire tube type) from the front flue chamber. 
Exhaust the flue gas from the rear smoke chamber, which fundamentally solves the problem of a simple fire tube boiler tube plate cracking.