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Hot Sale WNS Three Pass Fuel Gas Industrial Boiler 3MW

In an increasingly tense environment, governments at all levels have gradually begun to limit industrial coal burning, a series of coal bans, which for those traditional industries, natural gas boilers gradually replace traditional coal stoves is an inevitable trend.
In order to make natural gas boilers familiar and acceptable as soon as possible, let us explore the advantages of WNS Three Pass Fuel Gas Industrial Boiler:

 1) WNS Three Pass Fuel Gas Industrial Boiler has created a green recycling economy for us. The development and use of natural gas is of great significance for us to develop sustainable renewable energy. It can be said that natural gas has attracted the development of gold. Natural gas reduces industrial environmental pollution, improves people's lives, and contributes greatly to the environment.

 2) No special duties are required. Traditional coal-fired boilers require boiler workers, but WNS Three Pass Fuel Gas Industrial Boiler does not. The product uses an electronic pulse igniter. Convenient and time-saving, just press with your finger, and the safety is high, there will be no safety accidents caused by accidental flameout. Once the flameout state occurs, the control system can close the solenoid valve and shut off the gas passage. Fully automated, simple to operate, saving the company's personnel costs.

 3) Fully automatic intelligent constant temperature control. After the predetermined temperature is reached, the hot water is automatically insulated. When the water temperature is lower than the preset temperature, the system will automatically start the circulating heating program to compensate the bath water, and automatically stop after reaching the preset temperature again, so that the water used always maintains the same temperature.