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10 Ton Low Nitrogen Condensing Gas Boiler Project


Wood processing is the traditional dominant industry in the location of the project, and the building material industry is currently one of the main applications of gas steam boilers. After many inspection and comparison, the customer finally chose to purchase 10 tons SZS condensing gas boiler from our company. The boiler is mainly used for the production of steam supply by the plate manufacturers.

The SZS series boiler adopts the vertical D-shape layout, the structure is compact, and the important components such as the drum are not directly irradiated and washed by the high temperature flame to achieve a higher safety margin. Using fully automatic low nitrogen burner and flue gas recirculation system (FGR), the combustion of fuel is sufficient and the emission of nitrogen oxides is lower than 30mg/m, which is in line with the most stringent emission standards of nitrogen oxides in China.